About Us

Hey there! I'm Jacquie and I'm the creator behind Lumberjacq. How did Lumberjacq begin? To be honest, Lumberjacq began because of a cancer diagnosis and the need to not focus on that cancer diagnosis!
At the beginning of 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage 4b Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My treatment history is pretty extensive (including approximately five different chemo regimens, two bouts of radiation, and a stem cell transplant in the summer of 2021). Each treatment, however, has allowed new spots of cancer to emerge.  The fight continues. I look forward to the day that I can change this bio to "cancer survivor" and more of a "I kicked cancer's a$$" theme.

Lumberjacq gives me a sense of purpose and an ability to take a mental break from the reality of my current diagnosis. I truly feel like it's been a vital part in my survival thus far.


 I specialize in repurposing arcitectural salvage such as vintage trim, casing, barn board, window frames, and picture frames and turning them into home decor. Growing up with a contractor as a father, I've found myself on the right-side of 'handy', often joking that between my husband and myself, I am the handy one. Speaking of my husband, he and I have two young boys, a dog, a cat, and a life we've built out in the country just north of Napanee, Ontario.

One more piece of info about me: I'm currently taking a breather from my 'real job', an elementary school teacher - usually teaching grades 6-8. I have a passion for giving children a positive school experience while nurturing their skills and helping develop their almost-teenage personalities into the best version of themselves. I recently had the opportunity to bring woodworking into the classroom, and I look forward to incorporating those skills in my future classroom.

For you: Thank you for being here. Just having a look or sharing the Lumberjacq name is the support a small business needs. Take the time to explore my website. You'll find gallery images, product launches, and even a chance to grab a Lumberjacq gift card for a fellow Lumberjacq-fan.

Want more Lumberjacq!? Social media is the place to be. Click the link below for Instagram or Facebook to follow along my journey and the fun stuff I'm making as we go.